Family Involvement

Family members can be involved in many ways...

A number of exciting RI programs are open to either spouses or children of Rotarians, including Youth Exchange, Rotary Recreation and Vocational Fellowships, Rotary Friendship Exchange, and Pre- and Post- Convention Homestay. However, family members are ineligible to participate in some programs, for example, Foundation scholarships.

Here are some suggestions for including your family members in the world of Rotary:

  • Introduce family members to Rotarians as you meet them in any circumstance.
  • Invite family members to a Rotary club meeting.
  • Tell your family about various projects and activities of your club.
  • Invite to your home or to a social activity Rotary Youth Exchange students or Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars sponsored or hosted by your club or district.
  • Include your family members in all appropriate activities, such as social events and various service activities.
  • Encourage your spouse and children, when permitted and appropriate to attend the district conferences, and the Rotary International Convention.

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