A One Day Job Shadowing Program

Job Talk is an exciting one day job shadowing program for Belleville area high school students brought to you by your Rotary Club of Belleville.

Belleville Area High School Students

This is a great chance to explore career options by spending time with a professional in a field of interest. Each student is paired up with their own personal mentor from our business community. Students can‘ Try On’ a job in a wide range of professions including: Medical, Financial Planners, Real Estate, Retail, TV Production, Marketing & Advertising, IT and more!


Sign up with your school guidance office. You can also get started by filling out the form in advance. Download the Application pdf on the right, save it, fill it out on your computer or by hand and print or email to give it to your school guidance counsellor.


Making Connections Work!

Belleville Area Businesses

The Rotary Club of Belleville invites you to participate in Job Talk, as a mentor for a day, to a local high school student.

Any and all types of careers are applicable.

You will play an important role in career planning for these young adults. Any hands-on experience you can give students will be valuable for understanding the workplace and career options. Your experience, thoughts ideas and guidance regarding your career will be very useful for their future.

About Job Shadowing

Shadowing is a short-term educational experience that introduces an individual student to a particular job or career. Students are paired with an employee of a business, industry or agency to follow or ‘shadow’ them in order to become familiar with the duties associated with that occupation, the physical setting of the occupation, and the compatibility of the occupation with his or her own career goals.

Rationale of Job Shadowing

Shadowing develops an awareness of the educational and technical skills required for entry and advancement in a specific occupation. The student becomes familiar with the work-site environment and the job-related characteristics of the specific job or career. Shadowing provides students the opportunity to discuss areas of interest or concern with the employee in the “real world” occupation they are shadowing. By providing a relevant experience outside the classroom, employers are able to contribute to the education of youth and help prepare students for future career opportunities. The student should be prepared for the job shadowing by having done a lot of research in order to ask the right questions at the work place. Unprepared students will not get the benefit out of this program.

To learn more about Job Talk by The Rotary Club Belleville, please contact:

Tara Lyons; Coordinator
p: 613-922-3200

Download Job Talk Application