Tim McKinney was pleased to introduce today's speaker, Collin Myers (pictured here on the left with President Andrew), a member of the Satellite Club and Board Member.  Tim recalled first meeting Collin as the go to person at Future Shop, now an associate with CIBC Wood Gundy. 
Collin admitted that he does eat his breakfast at the office every morning, something that Tim brought to everyone's attention.  Starts the day right.  Collin was honoured to be asked by Tim to join the Satellite Club in 2016 and a recent addition to the Rotary Board.  Collin's priority at CIBC Wood Gundy is to manage clients' wealth, a big responsibility, but in listening to Collin, we quickly realized he is in the know.  Collin was born and raised in Stirling and attended Bayside Secondary School.  He started working at Future Shop at the age of 16 and loved interacting with people.  He was the top sales guy in Canada which was pretty cool for a kid in high school to go to Vegas at 17.  It was a sad day when the store closed.  Although Collin applied to a number of universities, he attended none, opting to attend the Business Administration program at Loyalist College.  He graduated on the Dean's List and was noticed by a close friend at Wood Gundy and started to gather a real appreciation for markets and investments, establishing his own network of clients.  As an associate, Collin has the responsibility of handling money transactions, buying/selling stock, researching, reviewing statements, monitoring transactions, reviewing performance, preparing financial plans and developing portfolios for clients.  He took a keen interest in domestic and foreign affairs, information that his clients would need to know.  Collin regards himself as a problem solver, assisting clients when their need is great such as a recently widowed client, promising to take care of business going forward.  Sometimes Collin's role is that of a referee or mediator and in everything he does, he remains confidential and uses his utmost discretion.  He refers people to other professionals such as lawyers, accountants.  Collin admits his greatest asset is his voice.......it can be priceless as often he is the voice of guidance to many clients who may have in the past relied on an app on their phone.  Assessability is a priority.
Working for a financial institution also includes being involved in the community with fundraising events such as Run for the Cure, Movember.  These initiatives fit with Rotary and go hand in hand with Collin's involvement and commitment to the Satellite Club in projects such as Habitat for Humanity, RLK, Hockey Night in Quinte.  Collin enjoys getting behind this type of "stuff".
Collin was thanked by Connie Reid who knew him as a neighbour, a super kid and super smart.  Wonderful to hear that he had joined Rotary and became quickly involved in many Rotary functions and priorities.