Posted by Tracy Parks on Oct 28, 2019
Dave Stewart was very pleased to introduce Tracy Parks, as she presents her Classification Talk today.  Think back to 1970 when the Beatles broke up, President Nixon ordered the invasion of Cambodia, Anwar Sadat became President of Egypt, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janice Joplin die, terrorist invaded the Olympic village in Munich and murdered 11 Israeli athletes, the World's first jumbo jet made its first commercial flight, Kansas City Chiefs won Superbowl 4, Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup and the Baltimore Orioles win the World Series.  And Tracy Parks was born!
Tracy was born in Belleville to Christine and Michael Parks.  Tracy's dad retired from the CN Rail after a 33 year career and her mom retired after 17 years at the A & P.  Tracy has a large extended family and her grandmother is still living at the age of 93.  Tracy was named after the song "Tracy" by the Cufflinks.  Tracy has two sisters Kelly and Amy as well as two children, a daughter Claire Alexandra with a future career goal of becoming a pharmacist and her son Patrick Michael Mitchell, a leap day baby who has been an adventure from day one.
Tracy attended Nicholson College and graduated in 1989 with Honours and received her Bachelor of Commerce in 1993 from Queen's University.  She went on to achieve her Chartered Accountant designation in 1996 from the Institute of Chartered Accounts of Ontario and zeroed in on financial planning in 2016 by becoming a Certified Financial Planner in 2016.  Tracy pursued her career in Toronto as an auditor and then decided to raise a family outside of the Toronto area and returned to Belleville.  Her professional designation as an auditor and financial planner has been put to work here as Tracy likes to provide people positive money making opportunities.  Her career continued with Welch as a partner from 2008 to 2013 and in 2014 through IG Wealth Management focused on her expertise as a financial planner, helping people prepare for the unexpected. As a consultant with Investors Group Financial, Tracy helps people with planning their major expenditures, maximizing their business success, managing cash flow efficiently, sharing their wealth and optimizing their retirement.  Something everyone looks forward to.
Tracy enjoys travelling and keeps fit through yoga and running.  She classifies herself as a retired hockey mom and likes to volunteer.  That is why she joined Rotary!
Thank you Tracy for sharing your personal story and career with us today.