Posted by Devon Taylor on Jul 04, 2019
We have two meetings to cover in this edition.
This past week, our Satellite group got together on Thursday, July 4 at Cassandra Bonn's home. It was the perfect day to have a meeting by the pool and Rotary members in attendance enjoyed a lovely meal of potluck dishes. 
Members were welcomed.  Coreen Reynolds led the meeting.
  • Collin Meyers gave an update on RLK.
    • Volunteer spots have filled up although we still need two people to buss tables from 1730 - 2030 as well as two people to clear glasses from 2000 - 2300 and some to help set up on Friday afternoon at Signal.
    • Silent auction continues to grow. Have seen great support from previous donors and we have added a few new donors to our list. Peter is in talks with potential new donors as well.
    • Discussion around what the Satellite group will contribute. Support for members making a $10-20 donation (etransfer to Collin or bring cash to the next meeting); money will be used to acquire a silent auction item that will have a better return.
  • Peter gave an update on Waterfront
    • All volunteer spots have been filled except for Saturday evening (July 13) from 1830-2215 --> need two spots filled for this time slot
  • Reminder to look for email regarding dues - email should be coming via ClubRunner this month
  • Discussion around moving forward with Hockey Night in Quinte
    • Need to raise more money in order to get the project off the ground
    • Cassandra put forward the idea of a dinner + comedy night either at the Belleville Sens CAA Arena or at the Armories --> potential to put this idea forward as a vote to the whole group
  • Discussion around Classification Talks and of a mix & mingle between Main Club and Satellite Group
  • Next meeting will be at Capers on July 18, chaired by Collin.
Our Satellite group got together on Thursday, June 20 at Capers. Members were welcomed.  Collin Myers led the meeting.
  • Anya-Deane Best is cleaning up the mailing list as well as creating a new attendance list for Satellite members.
  • A lively discussion about the budget and the role of the Satellite Club
    • Mention of the amendments to the new budget. Tim McKinney will send the changes to the budget before presenting to the Main Club.
  • Anya-Deane Best proposed a meeting to focus solely on business and get back to the roots of the Satellite Club.
    • Proposed date of September 12, 2019.
  • Discussion around Classification Talks.
    • Main Club members to be invited to attend meetings with Classification Talks.
    • September 26 will be the first of the Classification Talk series.
  • Collin Meyers updated the group about corporate sponsorships and silent auction items.
    • Volunteer opportunities for RLK are still available - specifically help with buss-ing tables   
  • 100th Anniversary Gala will be on April 1, 2020
    • Tickets to be purchased.
  • Chairpersons for upcoming meetings:
July 4 - Coreen Reynolds at Cassandra Bonn's house
July 18 - Melanie Cressman at Capers
In order to plan appropriately all members are reminded to please respond to the event invitation and register your participation in advance. Thank you.