Birgit Wartenberg introduced two guests today, Kim Naylor, Grade 7/8 Teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School and Sophia Saville a student at the school.  Kim Naylor was very pleased that even with the challenge of remote learning and in/out classes, members of the St. Joseph's Legacy Team reached out to Birgit Wartenberg as Chair of Indigenous People Partnerships.  The students who are finishing off their elementary education have been learning about Indigenous People roles and current issues and wanted to lend their support.  Sophia Saville is part of the Legacy Team, a group of students who want to leave a "legacy" in the community.  After speaking with Birgit, they started fundraising through a 50/50 draw, selling popcorn, raffling off a gift basket and auctioning off their yearbook.  Together the Legacy Team raised $772 for the IPP!  Birgit thanked Kim and Sophia for their commitment to this project and will advise where the money will be spent in relation to Indigenous schools the committee is currently working with.