One of Rotary's priority is to leave a legacy in the community and the Rotary Club of Belleville's support of the YMCA Centre for Life represents what Rotary stands for.  President Peter Malone was pleased to present the 2nd installment of the Club's three year commitment, this year's share being $30,000 to Dave Allen, CEO and members of the campaign leadership team at the President's Night event on June 13th, hosted by Shannon and Marida Neely.  Pictured here are Doug Peterson, David Allen, Kristin Crowe, Peter Malone, Cassandra Bonn and Collin Myers, an example of how Rotarians seek out to do incredible work and ensure all the dots are connected for successful initiatives such as this. 
President Peter said it is an exciting project for our club and brings new vitality to our membership. Our club’s pledge to the YMCA Centre for Life will help create a much-needed, deep-community facility in the west end of Belleville. With its five partner agencies, this facility will enhance health, education, support, and fellowship to so many, especially our youth. The Rotary Club of Belleville understands the long-term impact the YMCA Centre for Life will have on our growing community’s health.
In accepting this cheque, Dave Allen thanked all those involved in the work of fundraising for the YMCA Centre for Life.  Over $6 million has been raised todate and there will be a shovel in the ground this summer.  This centre will impact our community for years to come and will change the lifestyle of many. The new YMCA Centre for Life represents an uplifting of our spirits and offers hope of a new and better tomorrow for our community. A place where everyone is welcome, where diversity is celebrated and social inclusion is the cornerstone of our foundation, where people will meet new friends, where young and old, families and individuals alike, and our most vulnerable, including those with a developmental disability, will feel they are accepted and belong.