Posted by Devon Taylor on May 21, 2020
The Satellite Club hosted a virtual meeting on Thursday, May 21, 2020, chaired by Devon Taylor. 
  • Tim McKinney arranged to have Indie/Folk Artist Julia Finnegan perform a virtual concert for the meeting. Following greetings and an introduction, Julia played some of her own music with a few classic covers.
    • Tim has known Julia and her family for a number of years. Julia is a musician and an artist and has even been on CBC Radio! She typically plays her Indie/Folk music at gigs in Kingston and in the Quinte area like the Red Lion and Acoustic Grill. You can find her on her websiteFacebook and Instagram.
  • Agenda items were discussed
    • Diners & Duffers books are now available. Price has been reduced slightly to $25. Reach out to Ken Wheeler or Tim to pick up yours to keep or to sell.
    • Roster book is almost ready for print. Just need a few photos from members. If you wish to update your current photo, send a new one to Tim.
    • Satellite Club is getting ready to renew the following positions - Treasurer, Secretary, and Chair. If anyone is interested in taking on these positions, please email Devon ( We will have an election via Zoom at our next meeting.
    • Quick update about Rotary Loves Trees - web content is coming along. Discussed the plan to host a fall plant in some fashion.
    • Budget 2020/2021 - if you have any ideas for fundraisers, please get in touch with Tim or someone from the Budget committee.
  • We concluded the formal part of the meeting and Julia played several songs for us to relax to and enjoy.
    • Another big thank you to Tim for arranging a second virtual concert - Julia was lovely! 
Our next virtual meeting will be in two weeks, Thursday, June 5. Look for details in the coming week.