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Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:00 PM
The Travelodge
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Jeff Hohenkerk, VP QHC, Peggy Payne, Member Board
Jan 21, 2019
Board members for QHC
Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum
Jan 28, 2019
Kate's Journey to Better Health
Community Service Club Joint Meeting
Feb 04, 2019
The Senators Foundation
Anne Brennan
Feb 11, 2019
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Chris Doyle is a student at Eastside Secondary School (formerly Moira S.S.) and is a member of the Interact Club there.  Chris has been selling custom t-shirts, sweaters, hats and other apparel at the Belleville Farmer's Market and online at  The designs were created by Chris or other local artists and have been purchased by many generous community members seeking a stylish new look of their own.  Chris donated half the profits in the amount of $350.00 to both Rotary International's End Polio Now campaign and ALS Canada.  He has been inspired by the amazing work Rotary has done to catalyze the decline of polio.  An infectious disease which once rocked every continent with misery and has now been contained in only a few countries.  Chris hopes the proceeds from the sale of his shirts help to make polio one of a handful of diseases to be eliminated.  Great work Chris.  Thank you for your contribution to End Polio Now!
Our Satellite group got together on Thursday, January 17 at Dinkel's.
Members were welcomed by Nicole Haire.
  • Coreen Reynolds reported on the recent Poker Walk for Aids committee meeting. The date is set for April 27, the website will be updated soon and fundraising target is $30-35,000. Sponsors are being sought. Members are encouraged to participate in teams of four. Tax receipts are provided for donations of $20 or more.  Discussion is underway for the future of this event. Rosi Ouellette and Ian Acton provided information about how the event currently runs and past events.
  • Rosi Ouellette asked if members are interested in volunteering to distribute hot chocolate at the Armouries on Saturday, February 23 for the City of Belleville Savour the Chill and Stay Awhile event from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Satellite Club would be able to promote and sell tickets for the Hockey Night in Quinte event at the same time. Great idea.  Members agreed. Volunteers will be needed.
  • Cassandra Bonn provided an update following a committee meeting on January 15 about the upcoming Hockey Night in Quinte event to be held on Friday, March 1 at the Armouries. The band Ambush is booked, games are planned, sponsorships of $8,725 has been acquired to date and others are still being sought. Silent auction items are needed. Tickets are available in person at Remax, the Chamber of Commerce and online through Eventbright. Price is $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Posters in hard copy and an  electronic version will be available soon. All members are asked to promote the event in various ways, sell tickets, buy your own ticket, contribute $10 toward a group silent auction item, seek silent auction items and to track all details in our shared google document.  Next Hockey Night in Quinte meeting is scheduled for January 29 at noon at Quinte Broadcasting.
  • Collin Meyers reminded members that membership fees are due and a variety of payment methods are available.
Upcoming Rotary event: 
-Local Community Service Clubs lunch on February 4 at the Travelodge. Guest Speakers: The Senators Foundation represented by Barry Seller and Danielle Robinson and Mark Fluhrer from the City of Belleville regarding the Outdoor Rink and Recreation Center project.
Upcoming Community event:
-Quinte Ballet School Prime Rib Night fundraiser at the Dugout restaurant on February 9.  Tickets are $35. Contact Anya-Deane Best for tickets.
Upcoming Satellite Meeting Dates:
  • January 31 at Dinkel’s
  • February 4 – joint lunch meeting
  • February 13 instead of the 14, and 28 at Capers
In order to plan appropriately with the host venues all members are reminded to please respond to the event invitation and register your participation in advance. Thank you.
  • January 23rd Salvation Army Appreciation Dinner at 6 p.m. for all who volunteered on the Kettle Campaign.  Please let Jamie Trudeau or Chris Finkle know if you plan on attending.
  • Satellite Club meeting at Dinkel's Restaurant on January 31st at 5:30 p.m.
  • February 4th is the Annual Service Club joint luncheon at the Travelodge.  Speakers representing the Senators Foundation and City of Belleville Mark Fluhrer will be front and center.
  • February 23rd is Rotary's 114th birthday and World Understanding and Peace Day
  • Hockey Night in Quinte, Friday, March 1st at the Armouries
  • Rotary Aids Walk, April 27th.  Save the date!
  • Camp Merrywood, May 3rd and 4th.  Please speak with Shannon Neely to volunteer for this work weekend.......and eat well.
  • District 7070 Conference in the Muskokas October 25th - 27th at the Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa.  Early bird registration by March 15th is $299 for full conference plus your accommodations.
With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, it’s not a convenient time of year to think about golf.
But for many local children, their needs have no calendar and that’s where the Rotary Loves Kids annual golf tournament plays such a huge role.
The tournament, which completed its 16th year in 2018, has raised almost $1.5 million over that period with the local Rotary Club of Belleville handing out most of that money to support children’s programs in the community.
Rotarians Randy Coker and Brenda Snider sat down with The Intelligencer Thursday morning and while the pair didn’t commit to a date, did say the tournament will proceed again in 2019 sometime in July.
Snider said people need to understand the value of the tournament and how much it does for local youth. In addition to the annual golf tournament, Rotary Loves Kids also hosts the popular Party in the Square following the golf. This year, because of construction issues in Market Square, the after-party was held at Signal Brewery.
“I don’t think the community really understands where the money goes — they hear golf tournament and think, okay its raising money for the community,” said Snider. “Rotary Loves Kids does so much good for our youth and some other groups as well, but primarily kids, and the good thing is all of the money raised at the golf tournament goes toward these programs and none goes toward operational costs.”
In 2018, for only the fifth time in its 16-year history the tournament surpassed the $100,000 mark, bringing in $110,000.
“We were getting a little worried that the tournament had run its course because there had been a little bit of a dip the last few years,” explained Coker. “But we had a very good year in 2018 and we’re hopeful that we can continue on. We’re always looking for ways to improve the (event) because it is so important for Rotary to continue supporting all these things.”
Over the last year Rotary has shelled out $100,000 to youth programs including:
• $28,000 to more than 20 youth community groups
• $27,000 for wheelchairs and equipment for special needs children’s
• $24,000 for Community And Safety Well-Being
• $10,000 for The Children’s Foundation for education bursaries
• $10,000 for Habitat for Humanity and two builds
• $5,000 to Three Oaks
• $3,000 special needs grant and Christmas party
• $2,000 Food for Learning program
• $1,000 Quinte Ballet School for sewing machine
Coker, who serves with Eric Thompson as the co-chairman for the tournament, said Rotary initiatives also help support programs outside the borders of the Quinte region. The club donated $41,000 to help improve human conditions around the globe, including drinking water projects in Uganda, Yeman, Honduras and Guatemala.
One of the programs Rotary is supporting that might not be widely known about in the community is the PACT Urban Peace program.
“If a kid is charged with a crime before they’re 18 years old, odds are they will continue to be a criminal, so what they’ve done, if they can provide some counselling, provide some coaching, provide some guidance — maybe they’re not even being fed at home or are being beat up — if they can get them going down the right path, then we have a chance of that kid becoming a contributor,” Coker said. “They started this about three years ago here and so far it has a 100 per cent success rate. Of the six kids that have gone through the program, not one has re-offended. This is a very important program for Rotary to support.”
Snider said although some of the programs Rotary supports are adult based, that support trickles down to affected children.
“Three Oaks applied for a grant because they were developing a new program, a peer-to-peer program, working with them in second-stage housing and it’s so important to get these woman back on their feet, out into the community, safe environment, in the job market and their kids are safe,” Snider said. “There are a lot of programs out there that need some support and things like Rotary Loves Kids makes it possible.”
Coker said despite all the work over the years, the satisfaction of helping those in need far outweighs any effort needed.
“We had a lady whose baby was born with a defect and needed a procedure to correct it,” he explained. “It wasn’t a big amount they needed and we were able to help them and her quote after was, ‘We want to thank Rotary for our baby’s first laugh.’
“I still get emotional when I think about that and the difference it made in a child’s life.”
For more information, visit
If you weren't sure whether Rotarians were committed folks, think again.  Below are the members with perfect attendance in the 2017/2018 Rotary Year, a total of 156 years of perfect attendance!
  • John Chisholm 25 years
  • Ray McCoy 22 years
  • Dave Stewart 17 years
  • Elizabeth Grew 15 years
  • Bernie Ouellet 15 years
  • Karen Baker 14 years
  • Darrell Smith 8 years
  • Bill MacKay 8 years
  • Len Kennedy 7 years
  • Tracy Bray 6 years
  • Judy McKnight 5 years
  • Andrew Bandler 3 years
  • Nadine Langlois 3 years
  • Doug Peterson 2 years
  • Michael Summers 2 years
  • Randy Coker 1 year
  • Cory MacKay 1 year
  • Margaret Seu 1 year
  • Tim McKinney 1 year
Pictured are a few of the faithful representatives.
January 2019
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KIVA is an international non profit founded in 2005 and based in Sans Francisco with a vision to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.  By lending as little as $25, donors can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or realize their potential.  100% of every dollar goes to funding loans.
An update provided by Chair Ruth Mathieson and Chair Birgit Wartenberg shows that the Rotary Club of Belleville has given loans to 66 different countries.  The focus is on education and loans specifically to assist women to feed their families or pay for their education.  Overall, our club loaned $7,300 and $5,359 was repaid and re-invested.  Very impressive, supporting many ventures internationally such as primary/secondary school costs, renewable energy products, vehicle repairs, medical expenses, agriculture, dressmaking supplies, farm supplies, food stalls, transportation.  So little goes so far as you can see.  Great job by our International Service Committee.
It's a loan, not a donation. Lending alongside thousands of others is one of the most powerful and sustainable ways to create economic and social good. Lending on Kiva creates a partnership of mutual dignity and makes it easy to touch more lives with the same dollar. Fund a loan, get repaid, fund another.
President Andrew called Bill MacKay Jr to the stage to discuss the 100th Anniversary Committee's recommendations for our 100 Rotary year in 2019/2020. Bill thanked the club members for all of their support during the last couple of weeks and said he was very proud of his father's accomplishments as a Rotarian including Past President and Past District Governor. As well Bill expressed his deep appreciation to the Board for bestowing Honourary membership status to his dad when it was obvious he could not attend meetings anymore.
Bill reported that his committee, comprised of Rotarians including a number of past presidents had a number of initiatives being undertaken to celebrate our 100th year as a Club.  Bill advised that the Park Room at the Travelodge has been booked for a 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner on the 1st of April 2020 and the Governor General has been asked to attend as our guests and confirmation pending.  Details around menu, tickets etc forthcoming.  Bill advised that the committee had reached out to the City of Belleville and the 401 Canada Flower Flag will be updated to reflect the Rotary Club of Belleville's 100th anniversary similar to that what was done for the 100th anniversary of Rotary in 2005.  
Bill advised that PPs Karen Baker and Joanne Wheeler are working to update the Rotary of Belleville History Book which was last completed in 1989 and will focus on working through archival items to update the history of the club.
In addition the Rotary statue in downtown Belleville will also be updated and new flowering items placed at the base of the statue.
The main consideration that the Committee is recommending is 100k for 100 years through specific projects to be undertaken.  Bill advised many Rotarians who attended the Toronto RI International Conference had the opportunity to see the park models being proposed which include 2 outdoor parks one themed around music consistent with our 50th Anniversary of the Rotary Music Festival and also a fitness park. Containing stainless steel outdoor equipment for both music and fitness these parks would encourage children and their parents to get outside and disconnect from the internet to just play and have fun. The two base projects are to be enhanced with additional add ons recommended by the Committee and will both come in at a cost of less than $100,000. Discussions are ongoing with the City of Belleville for the provision of land to facilitate these endeavours as well as providing ongoing maintenance to the equipment and park areas.  Bill feels confident that the City will support such endeavours and will provide a lasting legacy to enhance outdoor activities in the City of Belleville. Bill fielded a number of questions around where funds were proposed to come from and whether consideration around looking at an indoor approach had been considered and Bill advised that the funds would arise from the longer term assets of the Club and that these endeavours and equipment were specifically developed for outdoor activities.
President Andrew thanked Bill for his presentation and advised to the Club that an email vote would be sent out to all members to allow them to vote and approve or not approve the initiatives.