Dianne Spencer received an update on the results of the 2022 Christmas Kettle Campaign conducted by the Salvation Army in our area.  Even after the kettle campaign was finished, people in the community continued to mail in and make online donations to the Salvation Army, resulting in a final total of $361,598.09.  What a wonderful community.  The Salvation Army is beyond grateful.  Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched.
The Rotary Club of Belleville once again stepped up to assist in the 2022 Salvation Army Kettle Campaign - LCBO Location at the Quinte Mall.  The campaign at this location ran for 18 days, with a total of 87 spots needing to be filled (after the schedule was adjusted due to weather). Rotarians and friends filled 67 of those shifts, with others covered through the Salvation Army. 
21 Belleville Rotarians stepped up to volunteer, and were joined by Stirling Rotarians Bill & Cory MacKay, and former Rotarian, Sharon McConnell. Four friends of Rotarians also volunteered.  A shout-out to Rotarian Kerry Paul for sharing his technical skills and setting up the Volunteer list on ClubRunner, allowing Rotarians and other volunteers to readily sign up! 
With 67 shifts covered, 134 volunteer hours were generously provided, helping to collect a total of $16,526 at this location! Final numbers are still to be confirmed, but the Salvation Army has announced a preliminary campaign total of $319,864, topping the goal of $315,000. 
While this isn’t a fundraiser for our Club itself, the volunteer hours provided by Rotarians are invaluable in assisting with the Salvation Army’s annual community campaign. Kudos to the 28 individuals who stepped up to help, and in particular, special thanks to those taking multiple shifts - our Rotary Rock Stars! Nadine Langlois and Jamie Trudeau, who each covered 6 shifts;  Karen Baker, Harold Brennan, and Hazzem Koudsi  - 4 shifts, and Pat Feasey, Vince Lynch, Ray McCoy, and Darrell Smith, who covered 3 shifts each. 
A huge thank you to all who assisted in this important Community Service initiative!