Robert (Bob) Ord joined Rotary in 1964, sixty years ago on January 4th.  President Peter Malone pointed out that he would have been three years old living in the northeast of England, in row housing with outside toilet and tin bath that was brought from outside and put in front of the coal fireplace.  Where were you in 1964.  Bob Ord became Club President for the Rotary Year 1972 - 73.  This is Bob's day, an incredible achievement.  Welcome to Bob's wife, Ardelle (Tommy) who could join in this celebration today.  The Rotary Club of Belleville salutes Bob and are extremely grateful and proud to recognize his wonderful achievements as a person, a family man, a professional and as a Rotarian.  A true inspiration to us all and an example of Service Above Self. 
A little background on Bob.  He became the city solicitor in the 80's until his retirement in 2009.  Bob has always been a walker and remains one todate.  He would walk daily to the old post office and back to his law office that at that time was on Front Street (Victoria and Grey Trust building) and when he joined Bill Proctor, he would walk from the corner of Bell Blvd. and North Front to College Street West to the post office outlet there and then back again.  Today, you would see Bob walking along Rednersville Road.  Bob sang in the choir at Bridge Street United Church in the 70's.  He was also past Chair of the Rotary Music Festival.  Bob's efforts were not confined to Rotary, but he was a School Board Trustee in Hastings County and in Prince Edward County.  Bob's involvement at Bridge Street included the Congregational Board, the Bridge Street Foundation, founding member of Quinte Living Centre Board along with the Community Concert Association and United Community Services (United Way) Board.  Bob met his wife, Ardelle (Tommy) when he was an engineering student at U of T and they were married in 1962.  They moved to Rednersville Road in 1976 after purchasing a second car at Ardelle's insistence.  They enjoyed many years at the family cottage on Mississagagon Lake that apparently is one of the cleanest lakes in all of Ontario.  Bob was always interested in sports and played squash, racquetball and took up mountain biking in his 60's and later he and his wife enjoyed travelling together.
Bob took the opportunity to say a few words.  His experience with Rotary goes back to his early years as his father was a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor and attending events left a lasting impression on Bob.  He started practising law in 1964 in Lindsay, Ontario and joined Rotary that same year and in 1965 he moved to Belleville and joined the Rotary Club here.  He has met fine members over the 60 years in Rotary who have left an indelible impression on him.  Bob mentioned Jim Marker who was President of the Club in 1967-1968.  He was Bob's mentor and a fine influence on him, encouraging Bob to join the Club.  Bob has seen some changes in Rotary over the years and Rotary continues to evolve and Bob encouraged members to find ways and means to keep Rotary strong in order to continue to thrive as effective leaders, dedicated to Service Above Self. 
Rotary International President Gordon McInally wrote a letter to Bob, congratulating him on his 60 years with Rotary, a testament to Bob's devotion to the Club, the community, its members and the world we all share.  Bob's work is a sign of hope to the world.
District Governor John Burns presented Bob with a Paul Harris Fellow +5 and the special letter of recognition from Rotary International President Gordon McInally.  Flowers were presented to Ardelle and cake shared with everyone (back row L to R President Peter Malone, District Governor John Burns, front row L to R Ardelle and Robert Ord)