The Club Assembly provided an opportunity for committee chairs to share current initiatives or if a new venture, to explain what was involved.  First up was Jamie Trudeau speaking on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples Partnerships.  Chair of the IPPC, Birgit Wartenberg sent her regrets. The Indigenous Peoples Partnerships Committee, short version IPPC, was founded 12 years ago. In 2017 the RC Belleville formed the IPPC Cluster, a group of Rotary Clubs from three districts (RC Trenton, RC Wellington, RC Belleville from 7070, RC Palgrave 7080 and RC Cataraqui-Kingston from 7040 plus some community members) dedicated to listen to Indigenous communities and agencies to support them. We are a hands on committee; we want to be involved and want to build relationships with communities and agencies. Our guideline or tagline is:    We listen. We learn. We respond.  Some of the projects -- Fort Albany, after receiving a district grant of $35,000, community members were trained on the installation of ventilation fans in homes that were selected for these upgrades by the local housing officer; Fort Hope, the committee worked with the vice-principal of the school and shipped hockey gear as well as other sports equipment, boots and socks, etc.  In Little Trout Lake, the local women's shelter was supported with baby/toddler clothing and boots.  Sports equipment, life jackets (a fundraiser of the Legacy Team of St. Joseph's Catholic School), Cree books for the local library, board games were sent to Nibinamik and more recently, a very successful laptop drive of over 80 laptops and iPads, allowing every student to have their own laptop.  The committee supported the Rotary Club of Iqaluit's Christmas hamper program.  Also in Iqaluit, a young boy spent time and what limited resources he had to repair "garbaged" bikes for children in the community.  Stephen Licence came on board and helped with bicycle parts and are now a big supporter of this young boy's project.  Art for Aid is supported by collecting and providing art supplies that will be shipped to Indigenous schools in Canada.  Lots of positive press!  The committee supports I Love First People sewing skills lab.  And closer to home the Red Cedars Women Shelter in Tyendinaga receive support from the committee.  In 2016 the committee turned their attention to bursaries and are now working with Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Laurentian University in Sudbury and St. Lawrence College in Kingston.  This year 10 bursaries @ $1,000 each were presented to recipients.  This represents 2 bursaries per Rotary Club in the cluster.  All this work comes with challenges as the local Chief and Council have to approve the committee's work in the community.  The community provides a "wish list" that the committee works with, providing 80% of the requested items or financial support and the community is responsible for the remaining 20%.  This builds working relationships and mutual ownership. Please check IPPC's website to learn more and feel free to contact Birgit at or Jamie at
Clowns for Kids Chair Heather Hall explained this new initiative, a charity fundraising event tied in with the Santa Claus Parade via pledges and sponsors.  Heather was involved in this project as a member of the Brampton Rotary Club for over five years.  Young people are involved in the event and either supported individually or through corporate sponsors.  On the day of the parade, the participants dress up and interact with parade goers.  Kids get to keep their costumes and Heather hopes to raise $15,000 after expenses towards a benefactor, yet to be selected.  The Santa Clause Parade is on November 20th, the actual meetings leading up to parade date are no more than an hour in length and Heather is looking to increase the committee from the current six members to twelve.  Next meeting is September 12th.  Contact Heather directly at
Jennifer Savini heads up two committees -- Kids Against Hunger and Mayors of the Week.  The annual KAH food packaging event at Loyalist College is back in person this year and will take place on Saturday, October 29th.  The goal is to pack 15,000 meals @ $.35 per meal to be sent locally to food banks as well as globally.  This is a fun project for families to participate in on the Saturday morning.  Please support this event!  As far as Mayors of the Week, high schools select students to be participants over a week in the Fall where they visit City departments and see what goes on across the City.  The "Mayors" then present their findings and highlights of their week to the Rotary Club and that will be on November 24th.  This program gives the students insight into possible career opportunities.  Jennifer is looking to Rotarians to be chaperones during the week.
In 2019 the Rotary Club of Belleville through its Rotary Loves Trees initiative committed to planting 50,000 trees.  So far, there has been two plantings, one in the Fall of 2021 and again in the Spring of 2022.  The next planting will take place on September 24th from 9 a.m. to 'noon at Haig Park in the east end of Belleville.  The City of Belleville Green Task Force and Quinte Conservation will be in attendance to assist with planting 400 trees and ornamental shrubbery.  There is lots of work to be done so Terry Thomas, Chair of the RLT Committee encourages Rotarians, family members, young people and friends to come out that day and get us to over 6,000 trees towards the overall goal.
Sam Brady, Chair of Porchfest is hard at work putting together porch hosts to accommodate over 50 different venues all in the old historic East Hill of Belleville.  September 24th from 1 - 4 p.m. will see hundreds of people/patrons moving from venue to venue from Pine Street in the north, Dundas on the south, MacDonald on the east and Front Street on the west.  All walkable.  This event is contagious and enjoyed by adults and children across the board.
And as we move from summer into the Fall, we think of the Rotary Reindeer Park on the day of the Santa Claus Parade -- November 20th.  Peter Malone is putting a call out to people to help set up and have Rotarians present and mingling on parade day.  The Clowns for Kids will compliment the Rotary Reindeer Park that will be housed in the Corby Rose Garden during the winter months for people to enjoy.
President Darrell thanked everyone for the information shared and encouraged Rotarians to get involved in one of the committees that sparks their interest.