The District 7070 Conference was held on the weekend of October 21st through October 23rd in Oshawa and Rotarian Dr. Ruth Mathieson was one of the guest speakers.  She spoke about the work at the Matangwe Hospital in Kenya, Africa and the District was so impressed with the presentation, that Dr. Ruth was provided with a $9,000 District Grant for the projects being carried on at Matangwe.  During the question and answer portion of her presentation, an attendee at the Conference came up to the microphone and presented Dr. Ruth with $1,000 towards her next District Grant.  Much needed funding and good work by Dr. Ruth for many, many years..
At the District Conference, the Rotary Club of Belleville also received a District Grant of $4,125 to be used towards a YMCA Developing Young Leaders program for camp counsellors.  An initiative to build future leaders.....and hopefully Rotarians.