Past President Shannon Neely welcomed and introduced the four Mayors of the Week.  First up to speak was Chevy Omolade, a Grade 12 student at Eastside Secondary.  With her sights set on a career in policing in the future, Chevy was very grateful for the opportunity to connect with her community through this program and to see the important impact that people make on a daily basis.  Recognizing that it's the little things that matter, Chevy loves to drive downtown or take the city bus, go to the Santa Claus Parade, participate in Camp Molly, go to the arena to watch her younger brother play hockey.  After touring the city and the different departments, Chevy now knows that the Bridge Street bridge changes colour and that indeed, Belleville is a special place and thanked Rotary for the amazing memories of seeing everything first hand.
Harshita Srikanth, was the second speaker and is a Grade 12 student at Eastside Secondary as well.  She was extremely grateful to be able to participate in Mayors of the Week and to see all the job opportunities Belleville has to offer.  Thanks to Mayor Ellis for his calm composure and the time he took to explain everything.  Being a pizza person, Harshita very much enjoyed their lunch and the goody bags they were given by the different City departments as well as for the photos that were taken.  She thanked the fellow Mayors of the Week for their good questions.  Without having taken part in this program, Harshita would not have known what it takes to keep Belleville running smoothly.  She would definitely do it again and encouraged future students to take advantage if the opportunity was presented to them.
Shivani Narendranath, a student at Nicholson thanked everyone for their part in this program.  It was an incredible experience and one that will help her as she heads off to University to study politics.  All the questions that were asked by her and the fellow Mayors of the Week were answered in detail by each department they visited.  It was such a refreshing experience to see the community come together to explain everything that happens in running a city the size of Belleville.
Last, but not least, Ben Weinstein, a Grade 11 student at Albert College said he was very fortunate to have participated in this program.  He met interesting people and was very surprised to learn so much about Belleville that he didn't know, for instance, Belleville has an electric race car business.  Ben was surprised to learn that.  He enjoyed the water treatment tour and saw how water filtration and engineering is applied in real life versus learning about chemical reactions in school.   At the fire department, Ben was able to observe dispatch services which he found very interesting.  How the staff at the Wellness Center dealt with a major ice melting incident was impressive.  Ben thanked everyone for taking the time to meet with the Mayors of the Week, for the Rotary reps giving of their time to transport and accompany the students.
Tracy Bray thanked the students for their presentations and admitted this was her favourite day of the year, to hear them engaged in learning more about their City and their community.  Certificates were handed out.