After the budget presentation for the 2017/18 Rotary year, President Shannon Neely called up Past President Kelly McKinney to discuss  and present revisions to the Rotary Club of Belleville By-Laws. Full depiction of the revisions to by-laws will be posted to the club website.
PP Kelly spoke of a committee formed which included PP Bill MacKay Jr., President Shannon Neely, Secretary Doug Peterson and Past Presidents Kelly McKinney and Len Kennedy who met to review the by-laws  and initiate changes consistent with RI guidelines and also around changes to the election of board of directors.  
The revisions were presented  and reviewed by Rotarians Anya-Deane Best and Bill King to meet legal requirements and were then presented to the board for their approval.
Changes to the By-Laws included adding reference to the Satellite club consistent with RI guidelines.  PP Kelly also talked  about the revisions to the by-laws relating to the election of interested individuals to the Board of Directors.  This included the striking of a nominations committee who would seek out individuals interested in standing for election to the Board of Directors and would not include on that committee any members eligible to stand for election and would include members from the Club as a whole who were not seeking out election.  If sufficient interest existed for the positions available an election would be held during the first half of the Rotary year. 
A motion to approve the revisions to  the  By-lLw was made by Len Kennedy and seconded by Cory MacKay.
Discussion followed from the members in attendance with Sam Brady seeking clarification that Satellite Club members could stand for election to the Board of Directors and was advised that they could and for the 17/18 Rotary year, Tim McKinney of the Satellite Club has been nominated and approved to sit on the Rotary Board of  Directors.
Tara Lyons asked if a Satellite member could be President and would they have to attend the regular Monday lunch meetings.  The members were advised they would have to attend and as part of the vetting process to become Club President, would have to understand that commitment.
Karen Baker asked  about the removal of the list and how that process would work and Kelly spoke to the nominating committee seeking out members who would be interested in putting their names  forward for inclusion in the election.
Dave Albert asked if there should  be representation from the Satellite Club on the budget committee and also a voting mechanism or presentation of the  budget process,  He was advised there was and Karen Baker also confirmed that incoming Treasurer Darrell Smith had presented  the essence of the budget to the Satellite Club at a meeting in May.
Hugh Campbell asked about the attendance as it seems to be going down and is that an  issue that needs to be addressed.
Seeing no more questions, the motion on the floor to approve the revisions to the Club By-Laws was voted on and approved unanimously.