Hazzem Koudsi, Director of Public Image presented the Rotary Club of Belleville Communications Strategy to the members and supporters of the Club after having worked with a small group of folks to develop a plan going forward with the primary objective to clarify a powerful brand and public image that will engage and motivate both members and public to join Rotary with enthusiasm in achieving Rotary's service goals.  One major way to increase potential membership and awareness of the good work Rotary does within the community is to clearly articulate the impact the Club has through various committees in the community.  A lovely meeting held in the Corby Rose Garden on a perfect day of sunshine.
Rotary members believe we have a shared responsibility to take action on the world's most persistent issues.  The 46,000+ clubs work together to promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene,save mothers and children, support education, grow local economies and protect the environment.  Rotarians see differently, think differently, act responsibly and make a difference at home and around the world.
The Rotary Club of Belleville has existed for more than 100 years.  The community it serves has benefitted from its efforts during its storied history.  Over the years the community has come to know and love Rotary's brand for its believe in "Service Above Self".  As we move into the future, it is important to assess whether the Rotary Club is meeting the members' expectations so that they remain engaged and continue to be involved in the community.  A recent survey was conducted by People Minded Business (PMB) Partners, Paul Fleming and Janeen Halliwell (members of Rotary) for the purpose of gathering insights into what matters most to the Club's current members.
A priority was identified to generate awareness of Rotary in the community.  The Club should be seen as the leading service club in Belleville and be recognized for its impact while hoping to inspire others.  Members want to celebrate Rotary's successes.  We are People of Action.  Goal and key audiences were identified as general public, prospective members, current members and media.  Six guiding principles were set down:
  • Brand Consistency - the look and feel of information shared should be consistent with established Rotary International guidelines.  The relevant information is found in the “Our Brand” section of the Rotary International website
  • Timely - the media advisements in advance of planned events should provide enough time for media outlets to attend events and immediately after events, media releases should be provided so there is time to go to print at the earliest opportunity.
  • Accessible - the Rotary Club uses Club Runner for its web presence.  That will increase the likelihood of generating more interest from the general public and prospective future members.  The website needs to be user friendly and following branding guidelines.
  • Concise - establish hierarchy and importance for website content.  Critical, high level information should be placed at the top of the page
  • Engaging - action-oriented photographs should be used to connect Rotary to real-life situations and demonstrate the impact of the work Rotary does
  • Impact - help people understand how the Club's activities support stronger communities and create a better world.
The Rotary Club has a variety of tools that will guide us towards improving our Public Image and demonstrate that we are People of Action including event precis, brochures, print ads, info cards, social media.  And then there are clear and obvious measures such as new members, increased participation at events, increased revenues, increased media exposure and increased member satisfaction.  Using these tools either in isolation or in combination will only bring a positive image for the Rotary Club of Belleville.